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Part 1 Intro & Physics - (Post 2)

“I find it as difficult to understand a scientist who wouldn’t recognize the existence of a superior rationality behind the existence of the universe, as it is to comprehend a theologian who would deny the advances of science.” -Warner Von Braun

Let me start by explaining that this part of my theories and writing is about a superior being in general (i.e. - God, Yahweh, or Allah) and not about religion. Religion and belief in God are two different things. Religion is the history and practice of reaching God and/or heaven, while God in general is a being or force. In my eyes, all prayers go to one God, no matter the religion, because there is one God to hear them. If any person believes in monotheism, they therefore must believe that there is only one recipient of prayers and he/she hears them all, no matter his/her name. I will not state my own religious beliefs because, once again, this is not about religion.

I will attempt in this theory to show there must be a superior being working on the universe, a sort of supernatural force. At the heart of this all is the laws of physics, the laws of nature, and general mathematics each with their own attributes. In the end, for those of you still unable to accept that an unknown force exists everywhere, yet is untouchable and unseeable, I will use science to show how, in reality, zero and infinity are based upon the same principles and could even be the same.

As we begin this theory, I again urge you to read it without preconceived notions whether for or against, and try to understand the theories rather than attempting to support or disprove them in your mind. Whether you agree with the theories or not can be determined after you are done. Either way, I hope you enjoy the ideology behind all of this, and can perhaps leam something about physics and math, if not God. I additionally hope that everyone reading this can see the comedy in the fact that the one science banned by early church officials and religious scholars is now the science attempting to prove their beliefs.



I am sure most of you reading this have heard of Sir Isaac Newton and his laws of gravity and inertia, and if not, you soon will. Sir Isaac Newton stated that an object in motion will stay in motion and an object at rest will stay at rest until acted upon by another force. Think of it as a billiard ball- it stays in one place until something hits it. Of course, here on earth an object in motion will not stay in motion because of gravity and wind resistance, but you can see that a rock will not move unless it is pushed or gravity pulls it when dropped.

Inertia is a continuation of that law, in that if an object is moving in one direction and is forced in another direction, it will move in both directions until one force is more powerful. To better understand this think of riding in a car, when you turn fast you start to lean the other direction and your coffee spills the opposite direction from the one you are turning. That is because the forward inertia of your body is forced in another direction and the forces of motion must equal out. In this sense, you are not directly turning right at 90 degrees, you are turning right at different angles until you are at 90 degrees in a curved turn rather than a direct change of direction.

With this understanding, we now look at space- a vast emptiness of rapidly expanding emptiness containing continuously orbiting balls of rocks and gas and vast fusing particles. It is the properties of space, along with the laws of motion and inertia, which initially prove the work of a superior being starting with the big bang theory. The big bang theory is, of course, the theory that everything in the universe was compacted one infinitely dense speck of matter t that exploded and expanded into the particles and universe we have today ultimately causing cosmic background radiation. Basically, the universe was packed so tight, it was one little dot until it exploded outward. The question we must ask is, what created that infinitely dense speck, and what caused it to explode into the perfection of life we have now? According to Sir Isaac Newton‘s laws, an outside force must have acted upon it. An outside superior force that either made this point, set it into motion, or both.

Even further within the big bang theory is that this infinitely dense speck of matter would have had an infinite gravitational pull. Since mass is the property that defines gravity, this speck of matter that occurred just before the universe exploded and expanded would have more gravitational pull that all the black holes combined- which not even light can escape. Therefore, an outside force capable of not only acting upon this object at rest, but also causing it to break its infinite gravitational pull would be quite a feat, which no known physical property today could break other than a superior being.

Let us fast-forward a moment though. Today, we have space ever expanding, always in motion, and the earth in perfect orbit of the sun. To understand this orbit you must understand Einstein’s general theory of relativity. This theory states that anything with mass must have gravitational pull based on that mass. Picturing this within space, is like when you put a rock on an open blanket and it causes the blanket to cone around it. Then by placing a marble on that blanket, it will move inward to the rock. Einstein asserts that structure of space is the same way, pulling matter towards objects of mass. This knowledge raises so many questions about how so many of the natural phenomena occur in space.

How was the earth not been pulled all the way into the sun at a 90-degree angle when even orbiting satellites eventually fall back to earth, especially when the rocks and gasses must have collided together from somewhere else? What force acted upon the earth to make it spin in addition to its movement around the sun? It seems like some outside force must have been pivotal in causing all the motion in space. Everything is beginning motion, everything’s change of direction, motions placed perfectly in play and set off by some unknown force that in the end resulted in our existence. Even those that believe in coincidence must believe the laws of nature and that something set it all off.

To complicate the matter more is everything’s motion through the fourth dimension of space- time itself. As Einstein had suggested, time is additionally a dimension on the grid of x, y, z (the dimensions we see in, since we see everything in 3d) so surely the laws of physics also apply to the motion of time, which must have been acted on my something, but that it is a more theoretical area.

The final laws of physics I will bring up are the laws of conservation of mass and the laws of conservation of energy written by Antoine Lavoisier. These laws state that you cannot destroy mass, because the matter will break and create something of the same mass or several things that equal out to the same mass. The same goes for energy. Even when you run a car the energy from the gasoline become heat energy, kinetic energy (motion), and expels and exhaust that has some energy itself. With that, you must look at a dying human and say, what will become of that energy? What will become of the electricity of the nerves and the energy that lets us walk and move? What will happen to their conscience? Surely, one cannot believe in the destruction of conscience and mind, for it itself has the ability and strength of any energy. Just as a mothers sense of love can cause chemical reactions to give strength enough to save her child, the human mind is a source of unknown energy that therefore cannot be destroyed.

Further yet, with the two final laws, we must look again to the big bang theory. Where did that infinitely dense point of mass and energy come from? If it cannot be destroyed as told by the laws of conservation of mass and energy, how then was it created? How is mass and energy created if it cannot be destroyed? The only possible source according to the laws of physics must be a superior almost supernatural force.

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