Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Closing - (Post 7)

“A man is what he believes” - Anton Chekhov

In closing, I release you to make your criticisms, and to take or leave what you wish. The final thought I will leave all of you with is to leave your heart and mind open to realize what it knows is real- not what I or any other tells you. Whether you want to believe what it is telling you or not, the more you resist it, the more you will find yourself unhappy, arguing with your own conscience. I have lain out what I believe to be real and it is now time that you choose for yourself what the reality of this world we live in is. Around the world, generations of people have chosen a reality, but it is up to you whether you choose to accept this, and the more we turn away from this, the more we are destroying this cultural feature for future generations.

At this point, I hope you, as the reader, have begun to question or think about everything you read in here. While I would ask that you keep an open mind on it all, I know that this is truly the point in which it is best to question it. To me, though this work is incomplete, I have chosen my reality. I believe in an all-powerful God, and I know he or she loves me. I am at ease with my conscience. Now it is your turn.

1 do hope that in some small way, this writing helps you or someone else to help shape what you or they believe or disbelieve, and while it would be nice to know that some of you believe in what I believe, it is your choice. You have to be open to accept even that which seems painful at times to accept. Let your heart let go of grudges that limit your thinking. Let your soul tell you what is true.

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