Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Introduction - (Post 1)

Do you realize that as you are holding this text in your 
hand, you are reading an entire book that contains nothing but 
different combinations of 26 letters? Why do you understand 
it? Is it even real, or is your mind just telling you what you 
want to believe? Does believing that it is real, therefore make 
it real? When thinking of the existence of a Godly or superior 
being, it is somewhat the same. Our minds tell us it is there; 
this is something our minds have told us over thousands of 
years, and that belief has not gone away. There is an argument 
that even the fact that we can think of a Godly being is proof 
in itself, since every thought is born in some reality. The 
dream of flying over the earth is born in the fact that we watch 
birds and wish for their gift of flight. Now, try to picture a 
color that does not exist, a color that is no combination of any 
known colors, or anyone has ever seen. You cannot. All 
thoughts are born in reality. Even still, the existence of a 
Godly being is questioned because you cannot touch, feel, see, 
or hear it- yet can we even prove to ourselves that our decided 
reality is real? 

I hope this first paragraph has you thinking, as I hope 
you continue to do as you read through this. The only thing I 
ask is that anyone reading this keeps an open mind. Question 
everything, but be willing to accept it as well. The first part of 
this writing is about the existence of a God. It takes no stance 
as far as religion, but opens your mind to the existence of 
God. The second part of the writing introduces religious 
concepts of the Abrahamic faiths, though I have tried to keep 
it open to many interpretations including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Try and think of parts one and two 
separately, as if they are two separate pieces of writing. 

It has taken me a several years to compile all of these 
thoughts, and many still remain questionable to me. Years of 
research, reading and watching information on religion and 
atheism, and questioning everything I know. I have felt for a 
long time that too many ideas in this world go one way or the 
other stating either “there is no God” or “our God and religion 
are the right God and religion.” Not that they are all that cut 
and dry, but very few leave much up to personal interpretation 
so that someone can follow what their heart and mind are 
truly telling them is real. It also seems many are unwilling to 
accept religion as part of their culture because of negative 
feelings in their personal past, though in many cases it is their 
own culture and their family's culture that they are giving up. I 
hope this writing allows that feeling for those that read it, as 
well as opening the door for new concepts to the reader. 

With all that being said, please do not dismiss or accept 
any concept until you have read it all. Perhaps until you have 
read it several times. Everything written here goes together, 
and by judging one piece too soon, you may lose another 
piece without even thinking it through. Therefore, without any 
more delay, I will begin. 

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